Sunday, 3 April 2016

Are you Independent?

Now that the era of colonization and slavery has come to an end, we all are independent human beings. But I would like to ask if you are really independent? In the sense that you can live on your own without depending on any one for your basic needs including food, clothing, shelter and obviously for some entertainments and parties. 

The quick reply for most of the employed people would be a big YES! You have finished your studies and you now have a job. You no longer have to depend on your parents for that pocket money to live your life. You get your paychecks on time and there you are, an independent young man or woman. Now I would like to ask another question. Do you still think you are independent?

Sounds crazy? Yes it is. You are not independent. You still have chains around your body and mind. You are not living on your own nor are you controlling your life. Its the bosses and the company who pays you who have chained you. They are the masters and you are the slave. You are dependent on the company for the salary. You are dependent on your bosses to not get you fired. You are dependent on your subordinates and colleagues to help you get the work done so that you can continue being the slave and live in the illusion of an Independent life. 

As long as you work for some one, you are not independent. 

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